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The Robert Burns Quiz App

So you think you know your Burns? The Robert Burns Quiz App tests your knowledge of the works of Robert Burns, Scotland’s National Bard. It’s the first interactive quiz app designed to promote a real understanding of the work of this iconic Scottish figure.

If you are new to Burns, as you play the quiz you’ll discover the sheer enjoyment of his poems, songs and writing. For Burns’ fans this delightful quiz will harness your passion for his work. And for those who’ve forgotten, it’s a must to rejuvenate your excitement for Burns.

The aim of the quiz is to help Tam on Meg, his trusty mare, cross the Brig o’Doon before the witches get her tail.  Every correct point won moves Tam & Meg closer to safety.

The rounds are simple – finish the sentence, how well do you know you’re Scots, guess the next line of the poem and fill in the missing words. You can choose your level of difficulty – with the easy option you have more time to complete the quiz, but you score less points.

Dive right in and play. Then watch as Tam progresses over the Brig after each completed round. So whether you long for a challenge and want to play under the pressure of a timer or just a beginner seeing how far you can get, this quiz will inspire and entertain.


bridge at night

We’ve chosen the story of Tam o’Shanter as the setting for our quiz. Tam spends too long in the pub and on his way home he is distracted by music coming from Alloway’s Auld Haunted Kirk. He wanders over to see a huge ceilidh in full swing, packed with witches and warlocks dancing. Enchanted by one of the witches he shouts out encouragement to her “Weel done cutty sark!”
At that moment the witches turn to Tam and realising what he’s done he jumps on Meg, his grey mare, and gallops away with the witches chasing him. Tam knows that witches can’t cross running water so he heads for the Brig o’Doon.  The race is on. Will he make it over the Brig before the witches get Meg’s tail?

Tam Chased by Whitches

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